LESSONS FROM EDDIE O – June 25, 2024

July 01, 2024

Temple’s 10th¬†online conference focused on the contributions of Professor Edward Ohlbaum to the advocacy and litigation worlds. The topics were the many innovations Eddie brought to teaching trial advocacy (use of threes/trilogies, theme, the closing argument ‘spike’ and more), and on ethical issues Eddie wrote about regarding mock trial competitions and real-world lawyering.

Use the links below to view the conference recording:

Hour 1: A panel of federal judges, litigators, and Temple law advocacy faculty – all students and/or colleagues of Professor Ohlbaum – discuss trial advocacy skills and innovations, both how Eddie taught the concepts and how they have value even today in mock trial and courtroom practice.

Hour 2: Three leaders in the national advocacy community detail Eddie’s concern for and contributions to the demand for ethical ‘lawyering’ and conduct in mock trial competitions; and Eddie’s co-author and a former prosecutor discuss his article and thinking on where the line should be drawn in discrediting the truthful witness.