About iLIT

iLIT uses legal education and engagement to shift technology fields from a position of exclusion and narrow vision into a realm of multidimensional, diverse and equitable spaces.

What rules should govern a networked world that is complex, precarious, and increasingly unqual? Who decides those rules and how?

iLIT’s interdisciplinary collaboration and focus on social justice addresses these fundamental questions head-on through coursework and clinical training, applied research, community engagement, and hands-on programming.

iLIT uses Temple Law’s global reach to provide a new platform for opportunity and critical inquiry that aims to bridge geopolitical, social, and economic divides.

Technology can accelerate access to knowledge, collaboration, and opportunities for global solidarity. But as technology impacts more and more aspects of life, it also becomes a tool of exploitation, alienation, and insecurity. We have a lot of work to do to see technology truly benefit people and society.

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