Powering the Pursuit of Global Equity

The Institute for Law, Innovation & Technology (iLIT) views legal education and legal practice as tools of individual and community empowerment. 

We believe that technology needs to serve the public interest, and that this public is global, diverse, and currently inequitably served. 

Specifically, we believe achieving social justice, restoring democratic institutions, and promoting global solidarity over discord and volatility requires that the field of technology be significantly more diverse, more equitable and more inclusive.

Practically, we believe that our students have access to a growing array of technology-related practice areas, and that they intend to effect change across these areas. We prepare them to do so.




Future practitioners will have pivotal contributions to make towards a more just and equitable intersection between technology and society. Learn more about how iLIT provides new kinds of opportunities for student involvement in this dynamic and forward-looking field.


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