Ending ICE Collaboration

The SJLC has worked with multiple organizations on the issue of local collaboration with ICE. By systematically targeting immigrants for arrest, detention, and deportation, ICE creates fear within communities and perpetuates cycles of trauma and hardship. Through the “sanctuary city” movement, localities have reinforced that immigration enforcement is a federal responsibility. Participation by local authorities is entirely voluntary and not required by law. Further, by assisting with enforcement of federal immigration law, localities expend their own resources and open themselves up to potential liability.

Students first examined the ways in which localities were using ICE detainers throughout Pennsylvania. This work was done in conjunction with the ACLU of Pennsylvania, the Pennsylvania Immigration and Citizenship Coalition (PICC), and Juntos.

They next turned to the more general issue of collaboration between local law enforcement and other government officials to assist with gathering information, stopping, apprehending, and detaining immigrants in Pennsylvania. This work was done in conjunction with Juntos and other allies. 

Most recently, SJLC has released Dismantling ICE in Pennsylvania: Toolkit of Model Policies for Advocates & Communities Seeking to End Local Collaboration with Federal Immigration Officials. This toolkit aimed to support community-based, immigrant-led movements that are fighting to end local government collaboration with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). This toolkit was created in conjunction with PICC.