Mission, vision and values


Our Mission

The Stephen and Sandra Sheller Center for Social Justice seeks to have a positive, concrete impact on individuals, communities, and the practice of law through innovative advocacy, education, litigation, and research campaigns.

Our Vision

The Stephen and Sandra Sheller Center for Social Justice brings together law students, volunteer lawyers, law teachers, community groups, and elected officials to:

  • Provide access to justice; to the democratic process; and to equal opportunity;
  • Enable individuals and communities to have a voice in navigating barriers to justice; and
  • Overcome structural impediments to equality through strategies that have a broad and lasting impact.

Our Values

  • Collaboration: The Sheller Center benefits from a deeper understanding of community needs, structural issues, and possible solutions through collaboration with grassroots organizations, faculty from a variety of disciplines, the organized bar, governmental representatives, and others.
  • Results: Through both immediate problem-solving and long-term strategic campaigns, the Sheller Center focuses on the most effective resolution of and methods to address pressing social justice issues.
  • Education: The Sheller Center creates opportunities for law students to learn how to deploy a variety of strategies for social change, to understand first-hand the difference a lawyer can make, and to practice by the highest ethical standards.
  • Empowerment: The Sheller Center empowers individuals to achieve access to justice and resources on their own terms and celebrates best practices and approaches to social inclusion.
  • Diversity: The Sheller Center involves a variety of participants who employ a broad toolkit of strategies to serve individuals from a wide range of backgrounds.