• Feb. 15: Between Neutrality and Collective Self-Defense: The International Response to the War in Ukraine | Presentation by Prof. Enzo Cannizzaro [VIEW]


  • Nov. 20: Judging Genocide: A Conversation with Professor/Judge Meg deGuzman [VIEW]
  • Oct. 30: In Pursuit of a Treaty’s Soul: A Study of the Object and Purpose of the Fourth Geneva Convention | Presentation by Prof. Kubo Mačák
  • Oct. 25: Japan’s Prisoners of Consciences: Protest & Law During the Iraq War | Presentation by Larry Repeta [VIEW]


  • Feb. 18: Speech and Press Freedoms in China


  • April 8: The Biden Pivot
  • April 21: North Korea’s Crimes Against Humanity
  • Oct. 27: What Use is International Law to Afghan Women? (co-hosted with ASIL)
  • Nov. 3: Advocating for the Rights of Migrant Children in the U.S. and Mexico
  • Nov. 8: The COP26 Climate Summit: A Discussion Panel on the COP26 Climate Summit and the Paris Agreement
  • Nov. 10: Global Abortion Legalization and Social Movements


  • Oct. 27: The Making of a Crisis: Disaster Capitalism, Climate Change and Colonialism in Puerto Rico
  • Oct. 25: Suing Trump
  • Nov 23: Systemic Racism in the US As An International Crime


  • Feb. 1: Women in Conflict: Kosovo, Afghanistan, and Ukraine


  • Jan. 18: Beyond Borders: Martin Luther King, Jr., Africa, and Pan Africanism
  • Feb. 21: Human Rights and Personal Self-Defense in International Law by Dr. Jan Arno Hessbruegge
  • Oct. 11: DACA Panel
  • Oct. 17: Cybersecurity and International Law in the First Year of the Trump Administration


  • Mar. 21: Panel Discussion on European Migration Crisis


  • Mar. 24: Is the Proposed African Criminal Court a Good Idea?
  • Mar. 31: International Reproductive Health & Rights