Book Roundtable with Prof. Darryl Robinson

On Friday, February 21, 2020, Temple Law’s Institute for International Law and Public Policy held an all-day roundtable discussion of a forthcoming book manuscript by Professor Darryl Robinson of Queen’s University Faculty of Law entitled “Exploring Justice in Extreme Cases: Criminal Law Theory Meets International Criminal Law.” Twelve experts in international criminal law, each of whom had written a short paper reacting to the manuscript, participated in the discussion (see participant list, below).  Professor Margaret deGuzman moderated. The participants’ papers will be published in a forthcoming volume of Temple Law’s International and Comparative Law Journal.

Participants: Meg deGuzman (moderator), Darryl Robinson, Mark Kerstenl, Elena Baylis, Diane Amann, Randle deFalco, Milena Sterio, Adil Haque, Carrie Davidson, James Stewart, Sasha Greenawalt, Neha Jain, Jean Galbraith