Pennsylvania Policies Restricting ICE Collaboration

February 24, 2021

The following are sample local policies that restrict government collaboration with ICE. They are referenced our toolkit entitled Dismantling ICE in Pennsylvania.  Please note that these policies are not meant to serve as model language but can help inform advocates about what is already in place throughout the state.

Borough of State College Resolution 1180 (2017)

Butler County Prison Policy – Ice Detainers (2014)

City of Phila. v. Sessions, 280 F.Supp.3d 579

City of York Mayor’s Exec. Order on Immigration (2017)

Clarion County Corrections Policy S-400

Gettysburg Police Dep’t Policy 414 (2019)

Phila. Exec. Order No. 5-16 (2016)

Phila. Exec. Order 8-09 (2009)

Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Order No. 11-3 (Unbiased Policing Policy, 2017)