Careers in Compliance

On Thursday, October 31 the Center for Compliance and Ethics and the Career Services Office hosted “Careers in Compliance,” a panel discussion with prominent compliance professionals from different industries. Students had the opportunity to better understand what skills and courses do employers look for in a compliance professional,  what is like to be a compliance officer compared to a traditional lawyer position, and suggestions on how to start a career in compliance. The panel included Alejandro Diaz, Chief Compliance Officer at Temple University, Ethics and Compliance Office; Kevin J. Dill, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at Tabula Rasa Healthcare; Allison Callahan, Forensic & Integrity Services Senior Associate at Ernst and Young; Jon Smollen, Professor of Law, Executive Director, Center for Compliance and Ethics; and it was moderated by Beatrice Raccanello, Director, Center for Compliance and Ethics.