News from the Center for Compliance and Ethics

Message from Executive Director for the Center for Compliance and Ethics

Friends, I’m excited to offer an update on the growth and progress at Temple Law School’s Center for Compliance and Ethics as we continue to work toward improved understanding and practice of compliance through educational programming, public-private sector dialogues, and research.

Here are just a few highlights:

● Temple Law students are now offered a full compliance curriculum with foundational classes and specialized courses on healthcare, international, and financial services.
● The Compliance & Risk Management eJournal, launched with the Social Science Research Network, has distributed more than 150 papers on cutting edge issues.
● The Center has hosted public-private sector dialogues featuring global leaders in compliance, including Eric Holder, Zane Memeger, Hui Chen, and Leonard McCarthy.

I’m also pleased to introduce our new Director, Beatrice Raccanello. You can read more about Beatrice and the Center’s work on our website by clicking here.

Best regards,