The 2022 Fogel Lecture Enforcing the Nation’s Tax Laws Fully, Fairly, and Consistently:
The Role of DOJ in Tax Enforcement

Featuring Caroline Ciraolo, Former Acting Assistant Attorney General,
U.S. Department of Justice, Tax Division

October 11, 2022
Klein Hall Room 2B

About the Speaker

Caroline D. Ciraolo

Caroline D. Ciraolo is a former Acting Assistant Attorney General of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Tax Division, and a founder of the Washington, D.C. office of Kostelanetz & Fink, where she is a partner. 

During her tenure with the Justice Department, Ms. Ciraolo was actively involved in all aspects of Tax Division operations and responsible for approximately 500 employees, including more than 360 attorneys in 14 civil, criminal, and appellate sections. Under her leadership, the Division reached agreements with 80 Swiss financial institutions that admitted to facilitating tax evasion and the avoidance of reporting requirements by U.S. account holders, and imposed and collected more than $1.36 billion in penalties, increased civil and criminal enforcement with respect to offshore tax evasion, employment tax violations, and traditional tax offenses, assisted the IRS through summons enforcement proceedings, and engaged in affirmative and defensive litigation involving abusive tax shelters and schemes, refund claims, and challenges to statutes and regulations. 

About the Event

The Department of Justice Tax Division is responsible for enforcing our country’s tax laws through civil and criminal litigation. The Tax Division strives to promote voluntary compliance, maintain public confidence in the integrity of the tax system, and promote the sound development of the law. The 2022 Fogel Lecture will discuss the role of the Tax Division in civil and criminal tax enforcement, how the Tax Division interacts with the IRS and other stakeholders, and the exciting employment opportunities within the Division. 

The Fogel Lecture is hosted by Temple Law’s Center for Tax Law and Public Policy. 

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