Debra H. Kroll

Faculty Emerita

Professor Kroll has served at Temple Law School since 1981, specializing in Elder Law and the complex legislation affecting senior citizens in our country. She has dedicated her professional life to helping poor and frail elderly persons, especially in cases where financial and health benefits are at risk. Professor Kroll created one of the first in-house clinical programs at the law school to help accomplish her mission. Her practitioner-approach brings unique perspective to the law school environment, offering students real-life experience and a broad understanding of what it means to represent the rapidly increasing elderly segment of our society.

In addition to teaching, creating, and administering the in-house clinical, Professor Kroll also runs workshops and seminars throughout the Philadelphia area on a regular basis. Professor Kroll has built a large legal and social work network with agencies throughout the Philadelphia and surrounding communities, while also coordinating with agencies throughout the country. Students receive an extensive introduction to public interest law and the aging network connected to social and governmental agencies. This clinical model of legal education has proven to be an excellent precursor to starting a legal career.

Professor Kroll, in addition to teaching, creating, and administering the in-house clinical, runs workshops and seminars throughout the Philadelphia area on a regular basis. She speaks to senior citizen groups at senior centers and residential facilities about relevant areas of law. She makes presentations to social service providers at area hospitals and other institutions serving the elderly. She advocates this manner of disseminating information as critical in the effort to decrease the numbers of senior citizens stigmatized and entangled by legal dilemmas. It is the desire to assist the most vulnerable and frail part of this population that governs her teaching and in-house clinical program.

Professor Kroll has written proposals and secured the grants that have greatly helped to support the Elderly Law Project. In addition to her teaching duties, she is the budget head for these funds. She oversees and administers the entirety of the in-house clinical and has watched its growth and acceptance in the community over the past years.

Before coming to Temple Law School, Professor Kroll began, as a pilot project, one of the first legal service offices in the country—The Older Philadelphian’s Legal Services—which specifically targeted the legal needs of senior citizens in Philadelphia. Prior to this position, she worked at Insurance Company of North America (now Cigna) where she practiced maritime law, handling crewman injury cases and federal general average claims.


J.D., Temple University, Beasley School of Law
B.S., Temple University

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