Tuition & Cost Overview

Financial needs will vary depending on the student’s spending habits. The projected budget permits students to obtain a financial aid package they might reasonably need while studying in Tokyo.

Expense CategoryCost
Tuition (for 10-15 credits)$12,938
Student Activities Fee$336
Estimated Personal Expenses$14,202
Total Estimated Program Expenses$27,476

Estimated Personal Expenses

Expense CategoryEstimated Cost
Housing and Utilities
Based on the cost for four months of an average studio apartment near campus. Students can find more affordable housing – studio apartments, shared housing, and guest houses – outside central Tokyo, but daily commuting costs and traveling time will increase.
Food/Personal Expenses$5,714
In past years, the average commercial airline ticket has typically been around $1,400. However, due to current travel restrictions and fewer available passenger flights, airfares have been fluctuating.
Books and Supplies$943
Daily Commuting$381
Japanese National Health Insurance (mandatory)$50
Total Estimated Personal Expenses$14,202

Additional Expenses

Japanese Language Class
This is an audited class and is optional, and will not appear on your transcript.


TUJ will provide a list of English-speaking housing services. On-campus student housing is not available for law students. Most students obtain a monthly-based furnished apartment or rent a room in a shared home.